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The Role of Denture Adhesive in Prolonging Denture Use

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At Szmanda Dental Edgar, we are pleased to offer full dentures to effectively restore oral function that has been deeply affected by tooth loss. To prolong the wear of your dentures, we recommend using denture adhesive to improve the denture grip and slow down oral atrophy.

Though dentures are designed to match the structure of your natural gums and remain secure, they can loosen over the years as a result of changes in the underlying bone structure in your mouth.This bone change is called oral atrophy, and it can reduce the efficacy of your dentures.

To help your dentures withstand oral atrophy and last longer, we encourage you to apply denture adhesive in sufficient amounts when wearing your dentures. Denture adhesive can improve the grip of your dentures and protect the denture base from being affected by a buildup of food particles. By carrying denture adhesive anywhere you go, you can always apply more if needed.

When it’s time to remove your dentures before bed, remove any adhesive that is lingering and then brush the dentures thoroughly and soak them overnight. Keeping your dentures clean allows for the adhesive to stick to a clear surface when it’s time to apply in the morning.

For more information about improving the fit and function of your dentures in Edgar, Wisconsin, we invite you to call 715-352-2700 to speak with our dentists, Drs. John Cronkrite and John Felkner.