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Social Media in the Dental Office

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social-mediaAt this point it’s probably safe to say the majority of us have some form of social media flowing in our lives, if not have multiple accounts we can check by a press of a button. We’re living in the age of the NOW where we can even ask our phones a question and *blink* there’s the answer! I’m willing to even bet your grandma has a Facebook account #WoahNana!

It’s no surprise that technology gets more advanced year after year and in the dental world we have embraced it! It has helped us connect with our patients on a more personal level and express who we are more effectively to prospective patients. Word of mouth is by far the #1 reason why people choose us and then straight to the Google machine they go to learn more! Social media has helped us get honest feedback with reviews and even schedule you more conveniently. When you consider that one day in time people thought the only cure for a toothache was to kiss a donkey, I’d say we’ve come a long ways! There are still some practices that don’t make social media in the dental office a priority and we think that’s bologna!



patient-of-the-monthWe take into account that you want to know more about us — the first thing most people click from our website homepage is our staff page! It is a natural reaction to want to know more about your doctor and those working on your teeth — Do they look friendly? Do they have hobbies? Will I feel comfortable in such a vulnerable situation? Our website lists our entire staff from each office location! Every team member has a photo, and includes not only a goofy work title, but also a brief bio so you can feel like you know a part of who they are.

In addition to showing you who we are, we like to then keep you up-to-date with office occurrences — we post to social media EVERY day, yes you heard that correctly every day!

We share fun facts, in-office shenanigans, patient stories, local happenings, mom must-reads, and even take the time to write these blog posts so you can know more about your dental health. We do this as a perk to our patients!
We understand that with the internet there are articles, opinions and answers to just about any dental question you may have, but I think we can all agree that not everything you see on the internet is true. Our blog posts are written by our staff – not some marketing firm in New York City or a quick copy paste, but relevant data to our community, our office and YOUR questions.

If you don’t already follow us – we would love for you to start now! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and update our Blog frequently via our website! We also love feedback, hearing any dental related questions, or community relevant posts that you would like us to share or write about on your behalf. Let us know, but also remember to look up from your high tech devices for some real in person interaction once in awhile…and of course SMILE!