A Decayed Tooth That Severely Fractures May Require a Bridge Restoration

The natural bacteria living in your mouth have the ability to exploit your tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur if you are inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene routine or fail to attend your routine dental exams at Szmanda Dental Edgar in Edgar, Wisconsin. With the passage... Read more »

Why Does Dental Work Cost So Much?

So we get asked this all the time and I’m sure at one time or the other YOU have wondered yourself – “Why does dental work cost so much?”. Sadly, this is not a simple question we can answer quickly, but we think if you hear us out you will... Read more »

What Makes a Great Dentist – The 4 Top Qualities

You make decisions every day. From the simple, what clothes to wear, what to make for dinner, all the way to life decisions that effect the rest of your life. We’d like to think choosing your dentist falls into an important category! Taking your health seriously is something we take... Read more »

Are There Any Bad Side Effects Of Whitening Toothpaste?

We’ve had patients ask us about whitening toothpaste and if there are any harmful side effects. The quick answer is no – however, you may experience sensitivity which would qualify as a “bad side effect” and this will vary from person to person. Side-Effects-Whitening-ToothpasteThe sensitivity will depend on how much... Read more »

When Should a Child Start Coming to the Dentist?

The importance of good dental habits start at an early age and hopefully mold a life-time of healthy teeth and gums. We often hear expecting mothers wondering when should their child start coming to the dentist? Well the general rule is six months after the eruption of the first tooth.... Read more »

DON’T Brush After Eating Sour Candy You Say?

Let’s clarify — ‘cuz you know we have your best interest at heart here. When you eat sour candy, sports drinks, soda or anything with a higher acidity you put your lil chompers in a soft spot. This acidity literally softens the enamel on your teeth and if you were... Read more »

What are the Warning Signs of a Cavity?

One of the biggest mistakes we see (besides people never flossing – come on guys! haha) is that people think if nothing hurts in their mouth, than they’re just fine! We are firm believers that care today is savings tomorrow. The dental prevention skills you learn can really help you... Read more »

Families are Welcome at Szmanda Dental Center

We cannot stress enough how grateful we are for the patients we have! Our Wausau office on Grand Avenue has truly blossomed and our staff and patients have undoubtedly connected! It is undeniable that the majority of our new patients come from word of mouth — our patients sharing to... Read more »

Veneers Versus Resin Bonding

Do you ever wonder how celebrities get their teeth to look so perfect and white? Most likely, they had dental veneers placed or possibly resin bonding. So veneers versus resin bonding — What are those and what is the difference you ask? Let us explain. &nbps;   Veneers To get... Read more »

How to Avoid Dental Scams

There is no question that trusting your dentist puts you in a very vulnerable state and we want to help you avoid dental scams. The issues you acquire in your mouth, in addition to the treatment used to fix those problems, are areas of expertise you know nothing about as... Read more »