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DON’T Brush After Eating Sour Candy You Say?

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Let’s clarify — ‘cuz you know we have your best interest at heart here. When you eat sour candy, sports drinks, soda or anything with a higher acidity you put your lil chompers in a soft spot. This acidity literally softens the enamel on your teeth and if you were to brush your teeth right away after eating you would brush away parts of that enamel coating your teeth. The scary part about that is that enamel does NOT magically grow back, I repeat, does not grow back. So you want to take precautions to keep that coating as it protects the inner parts of the tooth. We got the 411 for those seldom times you do have sour candy or DO the Dew — so pay attention!



Swish your mouth with water. This is a quick “get off my teeth” method that will help rinse away the acid sitting on your teeth that we highly recommend you do after you have anything super acidic.

Chew gum. VIOLA! This will help your breath feel fresh and creates salivation. Proteins in your saliva will help to buffer acids.

Can’t get to the H2O…fresh outta sugarless gum? Just wait an hour. If your teeth are needing a fresh cleaning after acidic foods – simply wait an hour before you brush so your mouth has time to balance the pH level back out and get you back to your sexy self! It’s science.

But the yummiest option yet….EAT CHEESE. Yes boo boo…I said CHEESE. Cheese is not only natures gold, but it helps neutralize the acids and reduces tooth damage.

But let’s not forget all the other times you’re done eating non-acidic foods. We definitely recommend brushing after eating most other meals (or doing one the options above). Get to the brush even quicker however if you’ve been eating sticky/sugary foods as they like to stick in the crevices of your teeth. The longer that sugar is sitting there, the more likely it is that cavities are going to form in the enamel.