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Dentistry Dynamics: Oral and Throat Cancer Detection

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Although many individuals improve their oral health care and focus on making sure their mouth is free and clean of debris, there are several risks to your smile that you may be unaware of. One of the biggest risks to your facial area is due to oral and throat cancers. Due to the fact that over 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer every year, it may be important to make sure that you are aware of the signs and symptoms and visit our dentists for oral cancer screenings as necessary.

Oftentimes, visual clues can arise that can indicate the presence of oral cancer. If you noticed that you have unexplained bleeding in your mouth that persists for long periods of time and continues to occur, it could be linked to oral cancer. Furthermore, visual clues such as lumps or bumps, rough areas, spots, eroded areas or any other visual abnormalities on your lips, gums and areas inside your mouth, could all be indications that oral of throat cancer is present. Furthermore, if you’re having any difficulties operating your mouth properly including moving your jaw or tongue, it could be linked to oral and throat cancer.

Are you a candidate for an oral cancer screening? For an oral cancer screening at Szmanda Dental Edgar at our dental office in Edgar, Wisconsin, please schedule an appointment by calling a member of our team at 715-352-2700. Drs. Nichols, Gonyo, and Cronkrite would be happy to help you with your oral health concerns.