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Breastfeeding to Improve Your Child’s Smile

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Did you know that numerous studies have been done documenting the benefits of breastfeeding for your oral health? In fact, numerous studies have even shown that breastfeeding can help lower or completely eradicate your child’s risk for numerous oral health ailments, conditions, irregularities, and illnesses.

Although baby bottle tooth decay is an extremely common ailment that affects children, breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk for contracting the illness. Furthermore, breastfeeding also lowers your child’s risk for infections and malocclusions and misalignment issues associated with bad bites.

If you want your child’s teeth to stay straight, consider the benefits of breastfeeding. Although there is sugar in breastmilk, the amount is minimal and not likely to do major damage to a child’s teeth as juice or sports drinks could do. Thus, breastfeeding is much safer on the development of your child’s tooth enamel and gums. Furthermore, breastfeeding is much better for a child’s teeth alignment than pacifiers, baby bottles, or thumb sucking will be.

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