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A Loose Bridge Can Lead to Significant Complications

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There are several types of dental restoration offered at Szmanda Dental Edgar’s clinic. This can include temporary measures such as a removable partial denture, or oral surgical restorations involving a dental implant. At the same time, many people missing a single tooth will choose to have it replaced with a dental bridge.

This typically consists of a single artificial tooth that bonds two dental crowns. It is secured onto a pair of abutment created from the healthy core of the two teeth neighboring the void.

While it is meant to last for many years it is possible for chronic poor oral hygiene or a recent dental trauma can compromise the strong connection between your dental bridge and the anchoring abutments.

If any part of your dental bridge feels loose to any degree it’s best to have it examined and treated by an experienced dentist like Dr. Nichols, Gonyo, and Cronkrite.

While you await your appointment, you should avoid the temptation to play with the loose dental bridge. If an accidental blow to the mouth has left blood or debris in your mouth from an oral trauma you can rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning procedures should be left to Dr. Nichols, Gonyo, and Cronkrite and their professionally trained staff.  

After assessing the severity of the problem, they will help you understand the most effective treatment strategy. This might call for replacing or simply recementing the loose dental bridge.

If you are in the Edgar, Wisconsin, area and you have a distressed or otherwise compromised dental bridge, you should call 715-352-2700 to schedule an appointment at Szmanda Dental Edgar’s clinic.